It's been a long time!

How is everyone? Is anyone still here?

I had a bit of fun reading my old entries today. :) Can't believe how many years I have been writing in this place... And I cannot even remember some of the stuff I have written! Something struck me the other day. The good thing about my Livejournal is... because my account is permanent, it is still going to live on forever in cyberspace, even after I'm gone! Forever and ever! :P

Maybe I should move back here, huh?

x o x o

the CL encounter

My feet had their first experience with Christian Louboutins recently.

They enjoyed the experience very much. :) But no, we did not go home with them. The Singapore boutique's selection is rather limited and while these ones were absolutely gorgeous, I was uncertain about using the 140mm height for work.

I have been wearing high heels since I was 15 and no heel was too high for me to handle. But these were really something else!

Doesn't mean I have stopped thinking about them though!


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I made a wristlet. :)

I was inspired after a night out with Mama Kathryn. After dinner with Jaster at the awesome Uno Beef House, we dropped her back to work and suddenly decided to go to Marina Bay Sands for a spot of late night shopping!

I was carrying my Papeete Click since it was meant to be a simple hawker dinner. I loved the freedom of carrying so little! It was very liberating, although I didn't have my membership card and vouchers when we popped into La Senza since all my cards are in my Moutarde Coin Purse.

I found myself wishing there was a strap so I wouldn't be so conscious about changing the colour of the leather from constant hand contact. And so, I got out all my spare tassels when I got home and made a little strap.

I think a thicker strap, braided, would hold up nicer. Am gonna order more tassels for this little project!


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an unexpectedly long Sunday

Last Sunday, I went to meet Kate for our Sunday brunch, at the new cafe at Borders, the House of Robert Timms.

I'm not sure why my nose looks so fat here. I might have been wrinkling it with my nosy grin.

We were quite impressed with the food. My eggs benny were awesome! Kate finished her choice, the 3-way toasts, and she's not a big eater so that says something.

We shared one of the many desserts that were calling us. We picked the pavlova. It was way too sweet... Should probably have tried something else.

After brunch, we dropped by the salon where I got my curls done, to get a hair product exchanged. Then, I followed Kate for an appointment where her client was late and we were waiting in the sweltering heat. I almost died.

An hour of baking later, we were back in civilization (aka air-conditioning), driving back to town for a spot of shoe-shopping and refreshments at Coffee Club.

The iced rambutan revived me somewhat. Coffee Club seems to have updated this recipe by adding pineapple. It's much better than I remember.

After that, we were off to dinner with Mel's friends who were visiting from Hong Kong. We had chicken rice for dinner, followed by a long walk around to show them the area (Purvis to Raffles City to Fullerton Bay).

We stopped for drinks at Lantern, where our new friends taught us to dance the salsa.

Then we walked back to Raffles City and met a couple more friends who wanted to have drinks at New Asia Bar. Kate and I were ready to fall over, but we trooped on.

It was 1 am, Monday, by the time we got home! An awesome day, nonetheless. :)

The House of Robert Timms
501 Orchard Road
#01-02 Wheelock Place
6735 9201

Coffee Club (Raffles City)
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre
6336 8208

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hairloom & caramel salon/cafe/home

Lunch with Kate on the day I did something to my hair...

This cafe is adorable. It's nestled within a hair salon so look for Hairloom when trying to get to it.

The vibe is eclectic cuteness.

The salon looks nice. Might try it one day.

I had a root beer float. Serving was rather small, but root beer floats are always good.

Our pastas were very simple fare. They were not outstanding but nothing bad about them. Except the pasta could have been more al dente. Interesting choice of ingredients and flavours. I did like how mine tasted. It was the first time I had aglio olio with a strong lemon taste and it was quite refreshing. Very generous with the mentaiko too.

We shared a carrot cupcake. It was quite good although the icing could have been a little less sweet.

I love the cosy corner with the armchairs basking in the light from the glass panels.

May or may not go back for food but will definitely stop by to rest feet and have refreshments if I'm in the area.

Caramel Cafe
100 Beach Road
#01-50/52 Shaw Towers
6295 2188

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Caught up with an old friend at the lovely Oomphatico's a few weeks ago and tried the lamb. It wasn't great. The cut of meat wasn't fleshy enough and it wasn't worth the effort trying to cut the meat off the bone. Why is it so difficult to get good lamb these days?

Also did not like the selection of vegetables on the side.

But I still like Oomphatico's. The decor is just lovely. Will be back for tea with girlfriends for sure.

163 Tanglin Road #01-03 & #01-35/36
Tanglin Mall
6733 9088

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I'm missing my hair! This was the very last peekture before I went to the salon a few hours later...

I know the bangs/fringe are/is very popular but I'm finding myself keeping it pinned up because of skin irritation on my forehead! :s

Maybe I will continue with the curls for the volume and grow out my fringe/bangs. Is there any growth potion I can use?

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