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i'm a little bit worried.

while i'm ecstatic about my two (or three)-month visit back to melbourne, i'm also apprehensive about losing all the ground i gained in the past few months of 'baking' myself in our hothouse spa (i call it our 'oven', a far-infrared ray machine) and getting my health up to my current state. my 'chi' has been flowing and i can feel that i'm different now. much stronger.

i've reached my current state of health today by popping myself into the oven once a day (my parents pop themselves in twice a day each), in conjunction with the enzymes and one other herbal tonic my mother has put me on. this is most effective as a daily routine, so our 'chi' keeps flowing everyday. i've been pretty diligent at baking myself, so i'm not keen to lose my momentum. the thought of starting all over again when i come back from my little trip isn't such a nice one. two months is really quite a long time.

it's bugging me so much that i'm even considering cutting my visit short. sigh. unthinkable isn't it? for those who know me in person, this has to be the most absurd thing you'll find me thinking of. for those who don't know me, all you need to know is - i love melbourne and i miss it so much that i dream about being back there regularly (maybe 2-3 times a week). for me to consider cutting short any trip back there is seriously the most absurd thing ever.


i guess i'll see how it goes.
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