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hmm (part #2)

i whined to mother about my dilemma and she has come back with a solution. :D

i will take with me, a belt-type of contraption which also encourages 'chi' to flow. it's nowhere near as good as our hothouse spa but it'll stop me from going back to square one. at the same time, my brother will contact his counterparts in australia to see if they can fix me up with just the 'chi' machine, which is this thing which shakes your feet (when it stops shaking, you can feel your 'chi' coursing through your body... quite amazing). not sure if that can happen because they're in sydney.

i will also be bringing my runners over, so i will try to catch the early morning sun every morning. won't be as good as far-infrared rays surrounding my body but should be quite good for me too. :)
Tags: health, random update
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