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i'm back in st kilda at audrey's quaint little apartment that was so well received by all of you here when i posted pics of it. :)

moved out of swanston today in 38 degrees celsius summer heat. dayum.... summer has come on in full force after some rather wintry days. i reckon this is the last heat-run before summer wraps up - catching up on roasting enough peeps before autumn arrives.

will be moving out of here in a week though. don't feel right imposing on audrey and craigster for too long a period. so i will be viewing a room on monday and moving again next friday if all goes well.

reunion dinner at penry's was super yummy... though everyone else was a little too overwhelmed by the heat to eat. i'm surprising myself with my heat tolerance - i used to hate being hot, even being mildly hot irritated me. but after all my time in our oven spa machines, my heat tolerance now is pretty high. i don't mind being hot anymore... in fact, i'm happy to stay warm all the time. :)

just got off the phone with mother. :) i wish i was home spending chinese new year with my family. man, i'm actually a little homesick. perhaps this holiday is my closure, for me to realise that home is where the heart is, and my heart has moved back to singapore from melbourne.

there is just one last thing i have to face. i still love my apartment very, very much. i don't know who lives there now, but i really hope to be able to go back and have a look. i even dreamt about it a few nights ago. and i've been dreaming about it for 4 years. wonder if i should try? maybe the residents will call the cops on me. :) crazy loon.

tomorrow i'll get my ibook back online and get some pictures up here. meanwhile, have a great lunar new year, everyone! mwah!
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