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astorial court

as promised, pictures of the swanston street apartment that i've just moved out of. :)

before i got to know my exhousemate jean very well, i was happily living on my own for about 2 years, in a little 2-storey apartment right smack on bourke street. that's the place i'm still missing today.

astorial court, on the other hand, is also a lovely place. comfortable, spacious, secure, and quite close to the city. we've shared lots of wonderful moments there as housemates in 2001-2002, and i've also lived there again when i was back for a visit in november 2004. she has since moved out to her boy ed's place, especially after her beloved little jack russell ocha passed away over a year ago. astorial court held too many memories and she couldn't live there anymore.

i was supposed to spend a peaceful 2 months there throughout my long holiday this time, until she was reminded by her mother that her father would also be visiting and he sometimes preferred to dress less at home. the timing was extremely unfortunate - astorial court has been empty for a year and suddenly, everyone's coming back in!

so, i only had 2 weeks there. to make matters worse, our internet connection screwed up bigtime after i was there for a week. it would take one week to get it up and running again, and by then i would not even be there anymore. hence my disappearance in the past week.

the worst is over now, i'm back online and my next place of residence is also equipped with broadband. quite a heap of work has come in through my mailbox and i'll be digging my paws into that. some other problems have also cropped up in the past coupla weeks, which i will write about soon. these problems have yet to be resolved, but i'm much calmer about them now. i'm out of panic mode and am ready to deal with them.

meanwhile, it really is a great time to move back to audrey's - it's extremely hot outside! this little place in st kilda stays cool because it's mostly in the shade. :) i was also getting a little run down from spending one week with jean's mother - i like her and we get along, but it does get tiring when she needs to talk long hours every night. i now understand why jean doesn't spend very much time with her - i used to nag jean about this and now i can see why she does it. sometimes when parents push too hard to spend more time with their kids (constantly), they end up pushing them away. i think i want to be just like my mother if i'm gonna be a mother. :) i want kids who are always trying to spend more time with me while i'm just like 'whatever' (but am secretly pleased at the same time).

so i guess even though st kilda is a little less posh than swanston, i'm quite relieved to get away from the family politics. :)

anyway, my brain is all over the shop. i've not been able to write comfortably for more than a week (more than a week!!!) so i'm really babbling now. i'll go do up a few more pictures to post. :)

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