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mmm... cookie

one day when i was wandering in the city by myself, i decided to grab me a small bite before heading home (which was still audrey's at that point in time). i was moseying around the QV area and something was tickling my tastebuds through my nose... there was this heavenly smell wafting through the air which reminded me of my own cookies being baked. so i followed the scent and came to a stall in the QV food court, offering these cute puffy cookies.

i bought one right away. it came in the nicest matching paper takeaway gear. so pretty and all. i found a quiet spot on a comfy leather couch in one of the malls, and sank my teeth right into it. it was extremely yummy - the crust was very slightly crisp... more soft like a chewy-cookie-texture. very, very fragrant. creamy custard within just oozes out in abundance. it was like an improved version of a custard puff.

i munched it down very quickly and left a trail of crumbs behind. :p

the only drawback is, i don't quite remember how much i paid for it but i remember it wasn't cheap for something so simple. i shall check it out and update this entry if i walk past the stall again.

quite likely that i might just go and eat another one of them soon.


Tags: cookie, melbourne, puffy
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