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max brenner's

on a particularly cold and windy summerday last month, mel and i grabbed a quick catch-up over hot chocolate at max brenner's in QV.

we cursed the melbourne weather as we shivered and chattered while trying to talk coherently. cradling warm 'hugmug's in our hands was such a lovely feeling. we sipped hot chocolate from the little spouts and relished every delicious drop that went down our throats. it was quite an experience.

mel had a dark hot chocolate while i went for a white one. it was so, so awesome. most people who know me know i'm a white chocolate fan. max brenner does a thick, creamy white hot chocolate which isn't too cloying or too sweet. it was perfect. they could have thrown in more marshmallows though. ;)

i'm so doing this again when the weather turns cold!

Tags: max brenner, melbourne, qv, white hot chocolate
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