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accidental food art

the below was an accident that happened when i was having a snack with audrey on the quieter end of chapel street. :)

i love vietnamese ricepaper rolls. :) but somehow, i don't eat them in singapore. i seem to only get certain cravings or food preferences when i'm in a certain place. not sure why. maybe i'm just weird, which isn't something new anyway. :)

there are heaps of vietnamese eateries in melbourne and in all the surrounding suburbs. ricepaper rolls like these are easily available everywhere. maybe that also contributes to my wanting to eat them more when i'm here - in sight, in mind. :)

anyway, this particular plate of ricepaper rolls wasn't particularly outstanding. in fact, i was commenting that the prawns and pork were a little mediocre (and not quite enough). you can see through the ricepaper skin that the prawns were super-tiny. the dipping sauce was quite excellent though. as i was coating every bite with this excellent sauce to make up for the dissatisfactory fillings, i managed to dribble some on the clean, white plate like it was a blank canvas.

how could i resist capturing such a good-looking accident?


Tags: food art, melbourne, vietnamese ricepaper rolls

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