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the low-down

having a bit of a slow day today... head feels foggy and my limbs aren't moving fast enough. still, not doing too badly for that time of the month. at least the headaches are staying away now. they've been less intense in the past few months. :)

i'm moving out of st kilda tomorrow. hopefully my nomadic ways will end with this last move. i will also be nearer to the vic market at the next place of residence. yay!

more work has popped up in my inbox. handed up two projects in the last two weeks and the next deadline's on 28th feb. everything's under control, captain!

i've mentioned before that some problems have cropped up during my holiday, which is kinda making it very much less of a holiday then i expected. i'm gonna spill the rotten beans now.

what happened was, my wonderful brother decided to send me a singular piece of our 'oven' (the full set comprises 3 or 4 panel pieces altogether) along with a chi machine just for me to use during my 2 months in australia. i was thrilled. it wasn't as effective as a full set, of course, but it would definitely help me maintain the chi flow i've painstakingly achieved over the past months.

so i had a mini-spa set up on the floor of the living area at swanston. it was crude, with a yoga mat and towels, but it did the job. :)

then a complication occured. jean tried my 'mini-oven' a coupla times and thought this was a great business idea to do in melbourne. i wasn't really keen, because all i really wanted to do was to relax and be on holiday. but she managed to convince me that this was something we could join hands to do, and that it was something worth doing. (that's a lot of 'do's in one paragraph!)

so, i told my brother about jean's idea and he was supportive. he sent us an additional 2 panels because 1) to do this business, jean herself needs to experience the full equipment and be convinced of its powers + 2) we need to show the full equipment to people, and not a miserable single panel. people we were planning to speak to, also need to experience the full body thermal treatment and not a partial one. he also told us not to worry about paying for the equipment yet.

is he a great brother or what? :)

here's a pic of our much-mentioned 'oven' in our home spa back in singapore...

here's the makeshift 'oven' in astorial court...

then a big rusty spanner was thrown into the works. jean's mother expressed her strong objection at the idea - because jean has yet to complete her studies and actually graduate from uni. while i agree with that whole-heartedly, i also know that jean had her reasons for suggesting doing a little business - she has gotten into a situation at school where she will only be doing one subject per semester for the next three semesters. her mother doesn't know that. and i'm in no position to say it.

i told her mother that we will then try to sell it off before i leave. and do you know what she said? she said, "ultimately, it's your decision". wtf? i knew her mother was protective but this really cements the fact with a concrete cherry on top. i'm not blaming jean for anything, but i do think the responsibilty is on both of us to resolve the situation.

so that's what my holiday has turned into - one big stress-ball.

in any case, i will not be depending on any help. i will be going out to talk to spa owners, massage therapists and old folks' homes. i'm so not a sales person. but i will give it my best shot.

my brother has told me to ship the equipment back home if i can't sell it off. i'll only do that as a last resort because i want to be responsible for my actions - whether or not my friend feels the same is a separate matter. we've yet to have a proper talk about this.

i'd be very disappointed if she agrees with her mother on this, but i'm prepared to scrape the shit off the fan myself.

wish me luck. :)

Tags: hothouse spa machines, melbourne, thermal therapy
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