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home-cooked roast chicken

served up by audrey! this was her first attempt at making roast chicken, and it rocked! :)

everything was perfect except that certain parts (minimal) of the chicken flesh was very slightly dry. most of the piece of thigh i got was juicy and tender though. every bit of the skin was crispy and savoury. YUM!

the vegetables rocked too. some of the celery was a little tough but we chewed it down anyway because it smelt so good. the rest were melt-in-your-mouth goodness! and those onions really soaked up the chicken flavour from all that sinful oil...

on that note, i'd like to announce that i'm getting quite tubby. my metabolism has slowed down and i haven't been baking myself in the spa because it's all packed up in boxes at swanston. and it's getting quite cold here at night so i think my body is storing fats naturally. i must start running soon! my landlord has tried to get me to go run with him but he runs at 5:30am! that's about halfway into my sleeping hours. o.o

i might try to get earlier sleepzies so i can go and run at 5:30am too. i should experience a different lifestyle while i'm here!

did i just say what i think i just said?

Tags: melbourne, roast chicken

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