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a dedication

to mothers everywhere. and everyone who has one. :)

earlier in the evening, i got the following in a text email from an old friend who lives in france now. i needed some therapeutic thing to tinker with, so i did this...


in other news, tomorrow is going to be a day of shops and walks in the city. meet the girls for more shops and dinner in the evening when they get off work, then it's off to my old hangout charltons. charltons is an old pool hall in the middle of chinatown. i was a charltons girl. i used to spend longer hours there than in my own living room.

have not seen lady boss alena for the longest time. she's a fiery lady and i have a lot of respect for her. she's also very loud and very funny. we used to go for supper every night after she locks up the building. :) pictures to come!

Tags: charlton's, family, melbourne, random update
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