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lobster pasta!

we cooked our own lobster pasta today! :D

or rather, doc cooked and i did elf-stuff like dish the spaghetti, swat a fly (failing which, i then merely kept it from landing on the lobsters), pluck basil leaves from the balcony, wash things and nosey-parker around.

and eat. eat, i did. :)

boy, was it a good meal. freshly made pasta from the market is about 200% nicer than those from packets. it just tastes Fresh. Unprocessed. GOOD. spaghetti was boiled with empty lobster shells, then tossed in a wok with butter, sliced peppers (orange and yellow), cucumbers, sundried tommies, fresh basil leaves and olive oil. big fat lobster tails were grilled with black pepper, lemon myrtle, sea salt and olive oil.

the accompanying salad was dressed with pepper, chili and olive oil. all the flavours came together very well. the spaghetti was very lightly flavoured so it didn't fight with the lobster for attention. the spiciness of the salad provided a nice kick to complement everything. we polished every bit off. :D

we did a market run this morning and bought shitloads of food. it'll be my turn to cook during the week, after having been fed so much! i really want to cook more before heading home to singapore. cooking was one of the things i came here wanting to do, but have put off because of various stress and shite.

i've been poking at my memory bank to dig out details of how i used to cook certain stuff. man... it's been way too long. i guess i'm going to go by instinct. well, that was how i used to cook, everything by instinct and how i want things to taste. and that is why i can't remember anything.

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