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simple pleasures

on a cold autumn night, bliss is...

~ a tiny heater blowing delicious little heatwaves at my cold, cold feet.

~ a glass of royal honey choya (japanese plum wine) on the rocks, next to me.

~ the warmth of my ibook under my palms and fingers.

~ listening to a love song sung by an ex-boyfriend, in my itunes. which made me smile.

~ smses from the best friend in singapore.

~ recharging my international calling card over the phone using my credit card, and getting 3000+ minutes instead of the supposed 1000+ for just 10bux (this can't be right but i'm not complaining... ).

~ wearing my new white knit coat out just now for a quick supermarket run.

~ proving to myself that i still cook steak the way i used to. i just experimented with a simple dinner for myself. i wanted to do this before i cook the scotch fillets that doc and i bought, probably during the week.

it doesn't look like much, because it was 11pm and not the time for a big meal. it was also an experiment, so i didn't bother with garnishes and pretties. i used a cheap steak diane cut, which isn't as tender as scotch fillet for sure, but i'm satisfied with the results. with pan-fried chips, jv-style - butter, garlic, salt and pepper, done till lightly golden brown. spinach with garlic and remains of sauce from cooking the steaks.

happy muffin, over and out.
Tags: cooking, melbourne, random update, steak
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