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the pasta chronicles

my second pasta creation in melbourne.

i really, really liked this one. pumpkin spice fettuccini was boiled with salt, chilled in cold water and fried along with butter, garlic, pumpkin pieces, onion bits, mushrooms and spinach. and a tiny bit of salt and mixed herbs to taste. i added chopped ham as well, because the recipe i modified had bacon in it. but on hindsight, the ham could have been left out, because the flavours were already quite awesome - which would make a great dish for vegetarians. a little extra virgin olive oil was added after the heat was turned off.


1. cook garlic and pumpkin first, pumpkin takes longer to soften. if they're getting too dry but aren't soft enough yet, add a little water. only a little! and cover, cover, cover!

2. add onion bits, mushrooms, spinach last. in that order.

3. fettuccini goes in the pan between 1 and 2!


Tags: cooking, melbourne, the pasta chronicles
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