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please say a prayer

for alex lim.

an old acquaintance is in ICU at TTSH, in critical condition.

apparently, a cab knocked into his car on monday night. alex got out to talk to the cabbie, who refused to talk to him and wanted to drive off. the silly boy went to stand in front of the cab to stop the bastard. guess what the cabbie did?

he floored the accelerator.

i can't imagine what sort of human would do that. the cab dragged alex for 10 metres before the cabbie jammed his brakes. alex flew off and hit his head very hard.

his brain has swollen. what i heard in the arvo was that surgeons were intending to remove part of his brain due to the damage. what i also heard was that he is in such a bad condition that they are considering pulling the plug.

if you're religious, please say a prayer for this good-natured young man. if you're not, please just have him in your thoughts. thank you.
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