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sunday with penny

here's where i start my backlog of my melbourne adventures, where i fill in the blanks that i've left throughout my random posts on the road. :)

this was the first sunday after i first landed, just two days before. penny babe wanted to take me to a thai eatery in richmond for lunch, forgetting the fact that my tolerance for spicy things is relatively low. oops. so we switched to a vietnamese restaurant instead.

for the longest time, i couldn't remember what the restaurant name was. which explains why this is one of the entries i've left out till now. :) it was only much later, just before i left melbourne, that may drove me past richmond and we peered at the restaurant name.

the ricepaper rolls were fresh and generously packed with stuffing. it was the first time i munched on a vietnamese salad and it was quite a refreshing taste - sweet and slightly spicy. the hugeass pancake was the highlight of the meal... it was delish. jampacked with a large variety of stuff that i cannot remember. hee. guess this is what happens when i don't post the entry right away... :)

looking at this picture of us makes me realise that my hair grows pretty fast. my fringe was so short just three months ago! :o

after our romp in richmond, henry drove us to victoria market where penny stocked up on vegetables and i stocked up on fruit. audrey bade us farewell to join her hubby somewhere, while i joined the penrys for dinner at their lovely home.

penny whipped up a most fantastic corned beef soup dinner for us. what was in that pesto mix again? i was only half-paying attention because i was chowing it down greedily. only remember macadamia as one of the ingredients... it was simple and it worked beautifully.

i'd not seen tekkie boy for four years, and i must say he's become quite lovable now. :) maybe because he's slightly less crazy. maybe because he doesn't pee everywhere anymore. maybe because his face seems to have become more defined and he has grown into his own little doggie-person. :)

we ate in front of the teevee, sitting on the wooden floor around the coffee table. it felt just like old times, even though it was a different living room, a different floor, a different teevee... it felt as if i'd never left melbourne.

and it was a very lovely sunday with a couple of my favouritest peeps in the world.


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