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this entry has no other purpose than to serve as my visual bookmark of the toilet i spent four hours scrubbing and washing, the night in january when i moved back into jean's apartment at swanston street to stay for a coupla weeks.

jean herself had moved out for a year or so then. the last tenant was a common friend who isn't known for his personal hygiene habits.

i wish i had the presence of mind to snap a 'before' picture. it was horrifically gross. there were layers of... stuff. dried pee and godknowswhat had dribbled down and caked the sides of the toiletbowl. there were two bath mats which had turned a funky colour where they absorbed pee and godknowswhat. those patches grew mould and more godknowswhats (which were possibly alive). these bath mats were also so dried out that the rubberised bottoms had disintergrated and become powder. the shower floor had turned a different colour under layers of mould. the rest of the marble floor in the toilet had dubious patches of... stuff.

no rest for the fusspot until surfaces were clean enough to eat off.

on a happier note, i love printed toiletpaper. :) i wish it was more popular/widely available/cheaper in singapore. sorbent rocks.

Tags: astorial court, melbourne, random update, swanston street, toilet stuff
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