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work and work

i will be starting my new job next monday, 7th may. back to office life it is! am looking forward to running into some 'tissue people' at lunch hour - people who leave their tissue packets on seats to indicate their occupation of said seats at food courts. i shall just take their tissue and use it! and thank them for it too! :D

meanwhile, i've been working my ass off with several projects in my final week as a freelancer. just when i thought i was done with the last one early thursday morning, another one appeared in my mailbox when i woke up from a much-needed deep slumber. looks like i'll be working right up to my next job.

movie date with the best friend on saturday for abit of a break in between.

have also been chasing a payment for a project done LAST YEAR! geez. i've been chasing them for 7 months! this would be the one and only project i'd ever do for these people! finally managed to get a concrete confirmation that the cheque will be ready by 10th may, after threatening to lodge a formal claim!

in other news, i'm severely addicted to kimchi.

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