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an accidental discovery


i am still amazed.

yesterday i found out that an ex-boyfriend is actually married. and has been for 10 years. a young lady contacted me and told me about this appalling incident. this was a man i had a 4 month relationship with, sometime early last year. i left him because he was an incorrigible gambler.

it was a good relationship. we parted on good terms. but after promising to remain good friends, he turned sullen and refused to stay in contact with me. one time, a good few months later, he told me that he was still hurt and unable to get over it. i eventually gave up trying to be friends with him.

she started hanging out with him after i had already left. one day, she got an sms from some woman telling her to stay away from her husband. one of his good friends told her the truth about him. she verified it through a friend who worked in ROM. another friend recognised him as the husband of an ex-colleague.

all this time, he denied everything.

it now makes sense why he could never meet me on weekends (he claimed he was a slave to his soccer gambling - he described his weekend schedule as such: saturday daytime is for researching teams and players and analysing. night time is to stay online and keep track of the scores or watch the games on tv till 6am. sunday, repeat). what a load of bullshit.

we never hungout at his place because his landlady supposedly disallows him to bring friends over.

i'm so damned glad i left.

tell all your girlfriends and sisters about this guy today! i've half a mind to post his details in full glory. trying to find that pic i had of him...

edit: found it!

Kayne aka Paul Chong. chinese name is Chong Moon Fui / Wen Hui.
he's a 33 year old international sales manager for net2phone. drives a white subaru legacy. car number plate is SFJ 4552 Z. is 1/4 irish (though i'm not sure now how much of what he has told me is true). his mother is a manager for Kookai and lives in japan. According to the records from R.O.M., his wife's name is Ong Liew Kuan. does anyone know an Ong Liew Kuan? hoping to get in touch with her... too bad i have no idea how she looks.


some poor girl just committed suicide for him last week or so!

apparently she was in a coma for sometime.

man, what is the world coming to? scumbags should be shot and hung to drip dry.

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