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it was a weird morning for me.

i'd gone to bed late last night, working as usual. at about 9am, my nose was super ticklish, so i sat up to blow it. then i took a sip of water from the cup that is always by my bed. as i was sipping, my blurry line of sight noticed something dangling in the air...

on went my specs and i stared in amazement at mr spidey, sitting in his web - a web that spanned across my queen-sized bed. it was a very large web. spun in a matter of hours. it stretched from the edge of my bed on the left, to the top of my shelf on the right. where spidey was sitting, was the middle of the web, which was eye level with me as i was sitting upright.

i was flabberghasted. i sat there and stared for about 5 minutes. a zillion things ran through my mind at this point in fast-rewind, back to the days when i got back from melbourne in april. those few days when i was unpacking the boxes that i'd shipped back from melbourne, i'd spotted two spidey babies. they might have traveled here in my boxes. little tiny dots they were. little round dots with tiny legs. very cute. they ran across my desk. i caught one and put him outside my window. the other one got away.

is this the one that got away?

he must have lived in my room for two months.

why is the web spun as if it is meant for me? this is the spot where i get on and off the bed. if i hadn't stopped for a sip of water, i would have gone headlong into the web while getting off the bed. spidey would have had a go at my face.

has he watched me for two months?

spidey fidgeted a little now and then, but mostly stayed in the same spot. i started to look around for options.

it must have been fate that i've had this empty glass flask by my bed for the longest time. with a glass cap. perfect. i grabbed a tissue to hold over the mouth of the spout.

spidey got a little nervous when i moved about on my bed. i toned down all my actions, and approached him very, very slowly and carefully. ultimate stealth. the prey sneaking up on the hunter.

got him.

he has grown 12 times the size of that little dot in 2 months.

i'd thought of releasing him in the park near my home. after some further thought, i googled and found the bio-science dept. rang them.

reached a certain professor, dr li. professor of spiders. :)

he said, never, never release him into the wild. a foreign spidey can do a lot of harm to local ecosystem.

when i told him there was another baby that i put outside my window two months ago, he freaked out. haha. :p i assured him that spidey doesn't look like a redback.

he requested for me to send spidey to his lab. i will try to squeeze some time out to do that on monday. meanwhile, he is my object of fascination on my desk. i will try to feed him a live ant over the weekend.

not only was his web hugeass, the threads were very thick. i doubt it would be the work of a local spidey. in fact, if he is really that same baby spidey, he sure has grown heck of a lot in two months!

i wonder if he'd wanted to catch me, the biggest prey ever. haha! what a big meal. can last for a year!

will his brother come back and avenge him?

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