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i made something impossible happen at work today. am feeling very good about it. and extremely excited. it seems certain stubborn people can be tricked/cajoled/persuaded into making some radical changes that will let the company progress at last.

in other news, spidey is still with me because i've had absolutely no time to take him to the bio-science dept. ok, i'm also getting rather fond of him. i've been trawling through the web (haw haw) especially websites dedicated to spiders (spiderwebsites! haw haw haw) to try to identify him but i just can't. :p i've written in to one of the sites, kindly suggested by brainclaw but maybe my pictures were too boring... i didn't get an answer yet. i must admit that spidey looks rather plain next to some of the gorgeous/scary ones they receive... (but spidey's still cute to me!)

as we speak (type... read... whatever), spidey is feeding on a big, fat ant. other than that first night of feeding when he treated me to an absolutely stunning display of speed and agility (refer to previous post's first comment), i'd not had another good show like that. i suspect i might have scared him a little, because i tried to give him a prey twice his size the second night. :p ok, i have a lot of faith in spidey.

so i popped in a HUGE flying antsy. he was a strong one, with slightly spiked legs and all. he got stuck in spidey's web and started to struggle madly. spidey sprang up at him and they actually fought, clashing with their legs. spidey didn't get close enough to bite him with his little (but visible) fangs. after about 20 seconds of intense leg-fight (like sword-fight), spidey sat back and watched. bigflyingantsy kept struggling madly to free himself, but to no avail. some hours later, he died... maybe of exhaustion!

spidey left him well alone. didn't even go near the corpse.

i put a smaller flyingantsy in for him and went to bed because it was way past bedtime. am not sure if he ate that one, but it was dead in the morning. can't tell it's a dry corpse or normal one. i assume he did have a snack.

today, i couldn't find any flyantsies. so i put in a tiny little kitchen ant. you know, those half-red ones that crawl around in everyone's kitchens. this one was a clown. he kept walking near spidey, sniffing him etc... but spidey avoided him! this antsy is like, a third of spidey's size. i think spidey was actually scared of him! so i let antsy out.

we've had a recent army of foreign black ants in our home because our uncle has just given us HEAPS of durians, freshly plucked. comes with free ants! shitloads of 'em! big, fat, black ones which don't seem to have fangs. they just walk all over everything (table, things, face, arms, hair... ) and don't bite. unlike our little kitchen ants, who almost always bite. they're about same size as spidey, only slightly bigger than the flyingantsy he tackled easily before, so... i got one of the black fellas and dropped him in.

he was a mad struggler too! and a clown as well. he staggered a lot, so he was very unstable... and he actually kept falling directly into spidey's web right where spidey was sitting! and spidey would dodge him! :o


anyways, bigfatantsy was finally worn out by all the struggling and was lying (almost dead) in a far corner. i expected spidey to ignore it and it would be another case of wasted prey (and wasted life) but to my surprise, spidey actually walked over and grabbed the almost inert bigfatantsy. no struggle was put up, only slight flailing of arms. spidey spun him round into a roll like he did with his first meal from me, albeit much slower this time. i wonder if he was injured in the tussle with the bigflyingantsy.

yeh, so he's having his yumyum now. he looks so round and fat.


i'm gonna miss having him on my desk.

ok, the supposed other news turned out to be spidey-dribble. teehee. am finally off to bed.

ps. have pics of spidey feeding... but taken through his plastic jar wall because i didn't want to open the cap while he's feeding, so he can eat in peace. rather blurry pics but will post soon anyway!
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