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second spidey caught, 15 minutes ago.

my hands are still shaking.

this one is BIG. well, still small-ish, compared to like, hand-sized scary spiders, but... he's a good 7-8 times the size of spidey #1. and a different breed, it seems. i can't guess his breed, but he's more heavily built around the head and shoulders (do spiders have shoulders?) than spidey #1.

for all i know, he might be a common singapore household spidey. he does remind me of the ones my brothers used to catch and keep when we were kiddies. :)

but he sure looks scary. he's coming with me to the bio-science dept for identification for sure.

it wasn't easy catching him and transferring him into a jar. he seems more stubborn than spidey #1. also, he was on a wall and not hanging in mid-air, so he was harder to corner. he's now prowling around inside the jar. my skin crawls as i look at him. he looks like a hunter. i can see his face! omg, his eyes are so big - little black beady eyes staring back at me! he's a little furry, has thick, strong legs, and a robust body. he looks like he can jump. he actually looks like a small scorpion.

i wonder if he was the one who built that web to catch me. because it seems more probable that a spidey of his size could spin a web that big, as opposed to spidey #1.

i'm glad i worked through the night last night, so i was still awake this morning when mother spotted him. i wouldn't want her to risk being bitten while trying to catch him.

he really gives me the creeps.

will take pics of him when i wake up.


i sure won't be wanting to keep and feed this one.
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