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OMG #2

i've trawled through the spiderwebs online to try to identify spidey #2, and i've concluded that he's some sort of jumping spider. spidey #1 is probably a weaver of some sort, he weaves and waits. spidey #2 is an aggressive hunter who goes and grabs what he wants.

here are the pics of spidey #2. spider-haters, look away now.

i'm not sure if i should feed him, or if i can feed him without him jumping right out of the jar. he's a fast one!

i've been trying to get better pics of spidey #1 (and also because i like him better :D) but he's just too tiny. camera can't seem to focus on him. also blame the old jar i put him in - the surfaces are scratched and blurry. i might transfer him to a clearer jar tomorrow... but i feel bad for toppling him in to a new place so rudely. especially since he has built a little webcity in the jar!

but what must be done, must be done.

i'm not sure if i can actually manage to get him out through his maze of webs, but i can try.

on second thought, the pics didn't turn out so bad. i think my lumix viewer probably zooms in too much and the pics looked much worse before uploading. maybe i'll leave spidey in peace in the current jar.

love watching babyspidey wipe his face, like a kitten. he's so cute when his little fangs are wiggling... like someone wriggling his nose. when he wakes up from slumber, he stretches all his little legs like a cat, and wipes himself down with his little feetsies.

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