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ok, i felt bad that munsterspidey has to starve until i take him to the bio-science dept. so i popped an ant in for him. a little kitchen ant.

so we know that these little kitchen ants bite, and babyspidey was terrified of them.

but hey, munster is a big boy, right? i mean, look - the ant is 1/4 the size of one of his fangs!



after 3 hours of having the ant in his jar, munster finally saw it. he prowled... and he pounced! then jumped right off in double-quick time as if he'd landed on a hotplate! as he sat still, antsy walked around as if nothing happened and came very near to munster. one of his feelers touched munster's hindleg and munster ran away!


i have a big, furry, scary-looking wuss!

guess i have to give him something else to eat.
Tags: munster, spidey

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