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burning brains

my brains are over-heating at last.

the time has come for me to make a choice, even if the cards are not ideal yet, on the side i want to go to. cardplayer says no promises yet, but i can't do both anymore. i'm still trying to decide how much i can trust this person, whether this is going to work out.

on the other end, i'm in the midst of changing status into a project-basis as well. so that gives me more breathing space.

i neeeeeeeeeed breathing space. bad.

tomorrow, there will be a big showdown at the office. wonder how bad the weather will be, indoors.

in other news, i've been fretting over not finding enough meals for my spideykids over the past few days. but somehow, meals were everywhere tonight! :D i'd just fed munster two relatively big flying ants, with a third one kept aside for later.

i'm a little worried about bobby because he hasn't eaten for awhile. oh but last night was quite exciting! i caught this bright red crane fly and popped it into bobby's jar. the fly was such an uncommonly pretty red thing, i felt a little bad for sacrificing it, but bob needs to eat mah. as the fly bumbled around the jar, wriggling against bobby's webs, bobby sprang into action! he actually ran along his webs and tried to grab the fly (about twice his length with longass legs, but skinnier and weaker than he is). i'd never seen bobby run so fast, across the entire jar, trying to grab the fly. he managed to grab one of the fly's legs at one point, and they started to fight! bobby tugged madly at the leg and it came off... oops. the fly got away and is still alive in the jar today. it doesn't look like bobby has made any other attempt to grab this redflydude. :s

i've put in two small flyingantdudes tonight, hopefully he feeds on one or both of them. they don't seem to move much, which is a problem for bobby to detect. sigh. my little boy is blind as a bat.

meanwhile, munster is a brave little girl! the current meal in her fangs right now is a red flyingant, which i'd put into bob's jar at first without looking carefully till it was already in the jar. THEN i realised it was like a flying version of a fireant. oops. maybe not so good for bob. i thought about it for awhile to decide if it would harm munster (very big fangs on this flyingant), then grabbed it and popped it into munster's jar. munster flew at it before i even closed the feeding hole. there was a slight tussle and then munster had it in her fangs firmly. flyingant continued to struggle but munster held on. i could see flyingant pinching munster on her arm with its fangs, and she was twitching to shake it off without loosening her fangs on the flyingant's body. after a little while, she had him maneuvered to an angle where it couldn't bite her. and soon, it stopped trying to be funny.

now she's enjoying her second course of the night. :) her tummy is looking fat and round! i've been peering at her arm to see if she's been hurt, it looks all good.

wow, as i type, another flyingant lands on my desk. when it rains, it fuckin' pours aye? now munster has two meals-in-waiting. and bobby has four meals sitting cautiously in his jar (i think they know staying still is the key to staying alive). i hope he eats soon. :(

hehehehehe. munster looks so fat, i wonder if she can fit into her hammock.
Tags: bobby, munster, random update, spideykids, work

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