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itchy munster

munster seems a little out of sorts today. she hasn't been resting in her hammock since her feast last night, and seems to keep scratching herself as if she's a cat with fleas. i caught her preening herself like a cat and thought it was really cute until i noticed that she seems to be doing it a lot today.

do spiders get skin problems?

i washed the bottom of her jar, changed the cotton tube and the water in the cup right away. suspect that the beetle that i tried to feed to munster (but survived and has been living off her leftovers) could have generated too much waste at the bottom of the jar (though it didn't look very dirty actually). it was funny when i first put the beetle in... munster tried to kill it so many times, but she'd jump on it as if to she was playing catch. :) i assume that she was in fact biting him with her fangs with every seemingly innocent jump, and i also assume that the beetle's wings and shell were just too tough to penetrate. so she probably couldn't poison him. :s he's been walking around the bottom of her jar for a coupla days, almost became a co-resident, but has since been banished this morning once i discovered her excessive scratching. she keeps wiping her face and rubbing her legs, like she's trying to get rid of something.

will keep monitoring. if she doesn't ease up tonight, i'll have to ask some spiderpeeps.
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