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under attack!

i've been quite careful with keeping ants out of the spideykids' jars, after jeremy told me the story of how he'd watched a tiny ant spray venom at a considerably larger spider, and it fell over and died. :o yes, ants can be venomous. they may not be venomous enough to hurt humans, but it's a different story when you scale things down to arthropod size.

so, i've been quite careful with keeping ants out of the spideykids' jars.

today, i cleaned out munster's boyfriend's jar (i still haven't named him), and bobby's jar. the boys were sleeping and so it was easy. munster was taking a walk around her jar and i decided to clean hers later on when she takes a nap. her jar was quite dirty because i've been giving her the most food (because she's preggers, and also because she's the princess).

i didn't get to clean her jar because she was very active all arvo. she kept walking round and round, and peering at me with her furry little face. then i got ready for vernon's wedding and left in the evening.

for some reason unknown to myself, i decided not to join them for after-dinner drinks and came straight home. thank god i did, because i found swarms of ants in munster's jar, going after the shells of insects she'd left behind. munster had encased herself in a silk cocoon, separate from her hammock. this cocoon is so dense that the ants could not penetrate it. i wonder how quickly she'd spun that! it sure wasn't there when i last saw her. wish i was around to see it being spun. but then, if i was around, she probably wouldn't have been in great enough danger to spin it that quickly. she'd probably spin it when she's ready to lay babyspideyeggs. maybe that's actually gonna happen soon too!

within a minute, i'd swiped the army of ants out of her jar. at first i was afraid that she was dead, because she sat very, very still in the cocoon. when i started going at the ants, she poked her head out to see what was going on. as i cleaned out the dead meals and the offensive ants, she crawled out of her new cocoon because her world was rolling around. now she's running around a squeaky clean jar, checking out the shiny walls and stuff. she is a little jumpy but she doesn't look like she's been harmed. :)
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