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pleased as punch

satisfaction is...


- finding a fruit fly after worrying about the lack of insects for the spideykids.
- catching said fruit fly after following it around like an idiot randomly through the day.
- catching said fruit fly in mid-air with a tiny container.
- deciding to feed this prize to bobby, who hasn't eaten the longest.
- assisting bobby to detect the darn fly, and succeeding!
- watching bobby wrap his meal in silk, then finally feasting on it.
- going to sleep, a happy spideymom.


- a fruit fly appears within 5 minutes of me setting a banana out as bait.
- catching said fruit fly in 3 attempts.
- feeding this prize to sonic (munster's bf), who also hasn't eaten in awhile.

the two boys have been eating less because i gave munster most of the food when she was preggers. :) now that my princess is guarding her eggses in the cocoon and doesn't seem like she's gonna emerge, the boys get to fill their tums first.

i'm going to try to catch one more fat yummy fruit fly to pop into munster's jar in case she's hungry...
Tags: random update, spideykids

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