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little miss bobbette!

yes, we have a bobbette in the house! :)

tuesday was topsy turvy for me because -

1. bobbette joins the family, after almost drowning in the shower
2. flood of insect meals due to rain
3. about 15 meals caught, 5 meals have been fed
4. sonic being slack and ignoring his 4-course meal
5. munster being tricked into eating again
6. bobby and bobbette eating 2 meals each :)
7. trying to keep the rest of the meals alive

me is tired but very, very happy. about 6 hours past my bedtime. will write more later!

ps. eggses have hatched! little dots are moving in the cocoon but not ready to emerge yet. should be soon!
Tags: bobbette, bobby, munster, sonic, spideykids

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