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sonic the slob

i didn't think male/female differences would be so apparent in spideys as well. :)

sonic is truly a slob compared to munster. i've never seen munster with her legs all over the place in her hammock or anywhere else. her hammocks and cocoons are beautifully lined and constructed. sonic builds messy hammocks made up of haphazard silk lines. he even shat in his first hammock... thankfully he has moved out from there and built a second one. let's see how long he keeps it clean for.

when munster finishes a meal, she makes sure to dispose of the shell neatly and away from her common areas, usually on the floor of the jar. sonic just flings the remains, sometimes in many different fragments. these would get caught in his stray webs and create a confetti trail down his jar. tsk tsk!

but he's still a cute boy.

Tags: sonic, spideykids

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