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a munster update

the spideybubs are more visible now through the cocoon. jeremy says they will moult before emerging so they shouldn't be pinprick-size but will still be pretty much little blobs with legs. :)

first two pictures below are the illustration of how i tricked my princess into eating the first time. hehe! last picture was after the second time i tricked her to eat - she came out to dispose of the body after she was done and turned her head to look at me for a moment. :)

i miss looking at her walking around and peering at me with her little face. can't wait for her and her bubs to emerge! i have been stocking her jar with fruit flies to prepare for their emergence. not easy to catch them darn fruit flies but i have managed to put 5 little buzzers in and 2 more on standby. i hope they don't die before serving their purpose as yummy meals. flying ants are in abundance but not preferred in case they bite the bubbas.

my mother has gotten in on the silly frenzy to catch insects. she's so into it, i reckon she gets more excited than i do. she has caught a few for me, and would sometimes call out to me when she spies a meal to be caught. i think she finds it kinda fun. :)
Tags: munster, spideybubbies, spideykids
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