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a morning with munster

so my princess came out of her cocoon this morning to keep me company while i waited worriedly for my doctor's office to open so i could call for an appointment. i was pleasantly surprised to see her. :)

she has lost a little weight. i fed her four meals. she took awhile to hunt down the first meal (maybe getting reacquainted with hunting?) but subsequent meals were snaffled immediately. then she wriggled back into the cocoon, peeked at me in the cutest way, and proceeded to prod her babies. it was almost as if she was trying to show them to me. i saw very distinct shapes this time! i even saw one of them move!

flies have been dying but i've been catching more. trying to keep the tally at a minimum of five live flies at any one time so the bubs can be fed when they emerge. hopefully the run of flies keeps up!

i doubt i'll have the luck to see the bubs taking their first walk out of the cocoon, but i'm hoping to!
Tags: munster, spideybubbies, spideykids

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