JV (drag0nette) wrote,

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workaholic reborn

can you believe it?

can ANYONE believe it?

i've just finished work. albeit freelance work it was.

but i've thus been effectively working from since 0930 in the morn (ok, supposed to be 0900 but i was late) till 2030 when i left the office, with an hour's lunch break in between. plonked my ass on the long, slow trundle home after a brief meeting with my insurance agent. continued working from 2130 till now. how sick is that? that is just not right.

so i've worked 10 hours of my full time job today. and 3.5 hours of my freelance. i worked 13.5 hours today! with only one ciggie break, and two chats on the phone for brief moments.

this is so not right.

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