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second place!

coming in second, unexpectedly, is salsarina's little poe!

max has some catching up to do!

poor little poof had a small invasion of ants. while i was busy with work, about three or four ants wriggled their way into poof's jar through the air vents. i'd only noticed when little poof scrambled out of her hammock and was running around in her jar. the movement caught my eye because none of them are supposed to be out walking about during moulting. a closer look revealed the presence of three nasty ants, one of whom was checking out poof's hammock.

ants were quickly banished and poof has since returned to her hammock. i hope this doesn't affect her moulting mission.

in other (less interesting) news, i'm getting 5 days of work done in 2 days thanks to some irrational decisions made by someone i don't know. i hope i never get to meet this person who is several links away from me, or i will do nasty things.
Tags: poe, poof, spideybubs

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