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01 September 2007 @ 05:39 am
fourth! fifth! sixth!  
everyone's caught up all of a sudden...

poof came in fourth, then max decided she wouldn't be beaten by missy, and missy gladly brings up the rear.

in other (stinky) news, i've just lost a container full of fruit flies. :( i'd been slowly breeding little containers of fruit flies to try to get a constant supply of meals for my spideykids and spideybubs. one container seems to be doing well. the other... i'd dumped in freshly mashed banana and it seemed to have produced too much toxic fumes during decomposition. all the flies died suddenly. and this container had many many more flies than the other too! what a waste. :(

boy was it a pain to wash it out. kor! i held my breath and i reckon i could still smell it through my pores.
feelin': tiredtired