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a very dear friend has returned to me.

i can't say how glad i am.

she had kept a distance throughout my previous relationship because she didn't want to get involved. which i understand, but had been feeling bewildered because not being involved didn't have to mean not being friends at all. she apologised for being a coward, as many times as i could tell her not to because i understand her wanting to stay neutral. both parties are her friends, and she must be feeling caught in the middle, like many of our friends are.

what i want to say is, i don't want people to feel like they have to take sides. a few friends know the whole story, and i had to get a coupla peeps involved because i needed help to get things back or even just to communicate. i just wish everything had ended in a more mature way so that friends don't have to be caught in the crossfire. unfortunately, this is not up to me.

it was great to see all the lovely peeps again last night. keep it real!


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