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coffee the bunny

found a pic of my pet bunny i had when i was a wee schoolgirl. i think she deserves her own post, as much as does nemo, instead of just a crappy comment hidden behind pics of perky, pretty young 'uns in a pet shop.

she was the best pet i've ever kept. i was just 14 years old. she was a little baby who could fall asleep in my one hand. i had her for two years, at the end of which she was a good 17 inches long or thereabouts.

i trained her like a little dog. she came to me at the snap of my fingers. she was toilet trained, and had the run of our living room and balcony, only jumping back into her cage to poo and pee. she knew she was doing something wrong (like nibbling on things) by the sound and tone of the slap on the floor i would make. if i pat the floor lightly, it is the equivalent of my snapping fingers and she would come to me. she loved to do a silly trick - she'd run across the living room, turn a corner like a rally pro, and do a vertical leap into the air about half a metre high, then keep running.

when i had to punish her, i would give her a resounding smack on her back. she would sit still for abit, then spring up and toss her ears as if she was saying "well... like, FINE!". but she always learnt from her mistakes, and seldom had to be taught more than twice.

she liked to sit stretched out a like cat. sprawled out elegantly. i loved to watch her eat fresh vegetable leaves... she made them look so yummy! mother would pass me leaves for her when washing vegetables to cook for dinner.

she was very in tune with me. she knew when i was moody, and would lie quietly in my arms. when i was happy, she hopped with a spring in her step and tossed her pretty little head about.

my mother gave her away before my o levels because i was spending too much time with her. :( when she left, i cried for 3 days. and that was the only time i can ever remember mother hugging me.

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