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so awhile ago, i mentioned that bobbette joined the family and then bobby3 was introduced as a housemate (or a meal... but he is still alive, so i guess he's a housemate after all) to her. countless bobblets have since been hatched and released (maybe about 30-40). some bobbeggs have also been (greedily) munched up by sonic and munster. i know, i know. how far have i come since that fateful day in june? how appalled would i be in the past about feeding spider eggs to spiders? how i justified this action to myself (and my horrified best friend) was that munster and sonic would readily eat bobbies, so bobbies are like chickens. hence, nothing wrong with eating chicken eggs.

there are two reasons for doing this.

1. i don't want to multiply bobbies too much for now, at least not until the professor tells me what species bobby is. and whether he belongs in singapore.

2. it's getting hard finding flying ants for munster and sonic, and a diet of only fruit flies isn't nutritious enough.

so, it all works out. i have a mini chicken farm. :) i can definitely deal with feeding bobbeggs to the adansoni instead of letting them hunt down cute little bobblets.

will post bobbette pics soon!

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