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farewell ah fook

a good friend's best friend passed away on sunday morning, from a heart attack in his sleep. he was 30 years old, and would have been turning 31 this december. although i was never close to him, i'd known him for a long time. he was the only child his parents had. everyone knew him as ah fook (or ah fuk... but i prefer to spell it fook) and it was only after he passed away that i asked about his real name.

rest in peace, chiam tashun. you were a good guy, even though not everyone realised it in the past. but today, those who weren't kind to you before... they came to see you too. and they were sad. your parents are such lovely folks. it's breaks the heart to see them so crushed. please watch over them, and your pals who have always stood by you. goodbye, ah fook.
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