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lucy's firstborn

i'm too annoyed with myself to work, so i did up the first set of pics of lucy's bubs.

this is little liloo, the first one out of the cocoon. when lucy's first batch of kids hatched, there were some concerns as to why they were taking so long to emerge. then i transferred lucy to a new home, in case the bubs were afraid of the huge creature walking around (since if they were in the wild, lucy would have walked off elsewhere and the bubs should have been free to come out). that seemed to work, as i finally spotted one bub out on the ceiling one night. that was liloo. :)

unfortunately, liloo didn't make it. according to uncle jeremy, bubs die for no apparent reason at all, so i was told not to dwell on it. i did notice that this bubba was really slow and quiet when i was shooting it, although i thought it was normal behaviour because munster's kids were like this when they first emerged as well. the next day, liloo passed on. :(

what's great is that it didn't live its short life in vain. i think i have the first set of infant hyllus diardi pictures, captured in detail. liloo is immortalised forever. :)

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