JV (drag0nette) wrote,

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terrible tonsils

for the second time in my life, i have tonsilitis.

for those who have never had the misfortunate to experience it, it is fuckin painful. i wish i took them out after the first experience. but who woulda guessed i'd get it again?

i'm now on super painkillers. sigh. and antibiotics.

it went from zero to full blown in just a coupla hours. damnit, who did i kiss who had the virus? fuckin'ell. the only two things i can think of: at one point i was grabbed and kissed on the lips briefly, and the other was that i shared a ciggie.

i think it was the ciggie. the dude musta been slurping on it or something gross. the same dude was breathing near my face all night, so it's gotta be him.

thanks for ruining my sunday!
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