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some lucien aww-ness

prior to these pictures, lucien hadn't been on my hand for about a week, as she was preparing for and carrying out her moult. the first day of her emergence, she was rather shy and stayed in her cocoon for most of the day... until i took her jar in my hand to hold for awhile. i sometimes like to hold the kids' jars to get them used to movements.

the minute i carried lucien's jar, she came out walking right away. after a coupla turns around her little home, she sat down right where my finger pressed against her jar wall. as in, she literally sat by pressing herself down in a resting position as if she was in bed. said bed was, at that moment, directly opposite her in full sight. i was rather happy, and wondered if my efforts in domesticating her has really paid off. she took a nap indirectly on my finger like that, for a long while. i had time to take pictures of her and then wonder what do to next. she woke up from her little nap and walked off only when i moved my finger. :)


isn't my little darling looking more and more like her beautiful mother, lucy? that's lucy in my icon for this entry.

i was only going to post the two pics of her through the jar walls... but couldn't resist sneaking in one gorgeous picture to whet your appetites. as expected, i have loads of awesome pictures of her on my hand. but i shall try to post in some semblance of progression from their early infant days. there will be sneak peeks once in awhile when there are note-worthy bits i feel i have to say, like this one.

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  • biker lucien

    Someone said something quite funny to me last week, so I had to do this peekture... Teehee. Posted via LiveJournal.app.

  • lucien memories

    <3 Posted via LiveJournal.app.

  • for kyle and trill

    I dug out some old peektures of Lucien and transferred them to my phone... Will be posting them slowly. :) <3 Posted via LiveJournal.app.

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