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antsy about... ants

i HATE ants! the tiny kitchen ones!

they have been trying to attack the bubs. uncle john has put an ant chalk in the mail for me but in the meantime, i'm worried that something might happen while i'm asleep. damn these tiny ants that can wriggle through the air vents! in fact, i've once watched them wriggle in and out of an air-tight jar!

two entire bubs had once totally perished (not even a shred of evidence) in the spiderlab while i was in hk. one happened to be a bub that i'd given to uncle moo. the other was little lucille. my guess is they were freshly moulted and the ants crept in before their exoskeletons could harden (usually takes about a day). two empty jars were left.

so i'm especially nervous because bib has just moulted this arvo.

i tried using some ant pellets (which kill colonies by being carried back to their queen as food... then bam!) but the ants didn't seem too keen on them. in fact, they seemed slightly repelled instead. so as a last resort, i've built a pellet barricade around the bubs for tonight. fingers crossed that the ant chalk arrives tomorrow!
Tags: ants, wtf
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