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i did a tiga shoot. videos and peektures. :)

i've not had tiga out on my hand for a long time because he has become so jittery as a big boy. both my boys, scout and tiga, move in a jerky, nervous manner, unlike the girls. i notice that this is true for all the jumping spiders i've had in my care.

strangely though, tiga was the bubba i'd shot the most when they were all bubs. this was, of course, before their gender became apparent. as a baby, tiga had also once snuggled up in the middle of my palm, along a little fleshy ridge, and fallen right asleep. the icon for this entry was snapped when he was napping. :)

when he started to grow into a big boy, the naturally nervous nature of males also began to show.

the last shoot i did of him on my hand was when he first got his black colours. he still had his little tufts of hair then. he looked like a cute little devil. :) but another moult later, his devil horns came right off with his exoskeleton, and i suddenly found myself looking at a gorgeous specimen of the male hyllus diardi. hyllus diardi boys are so uncommon and rarely documented, and very little is known of them. the girls are so often photographed by nature enthusiasts, i guess because they're so much less shy and easier to spot.

so. i've always wanted to do a shoot of tiga on my hand again. but i was so scared of losing him. now that all my bubbas are so big, their jumping prowess is also quite something. i thought about it all day today, and i'm not sure what made me decide to do it, but i did.

he refused to budge, at first. he hid in his bed and peeked at me in such a cute and shy manner that i almost dropped the idea. but he has been less nervous these days, and i knew there was no better time to do it.

so i gently brushed one of his web strings from afar, enough to alarm him only slightly so he'd move but not panic. i wasn't sure how readily he'd move onto my hand, because i knew that unlike lucien, he seems afraid of this 'fleshy' texture, even though he'd been so comfortable with it as a baby.

he prodded me tentatively twice and walked onto my hand! but before i could get too happy, he freaked out and leapt off onto my desk. i picked him back up and he leapt off onto my desk again, and then onto the floor! it was the furthest any kid has ever got to.

i picked him back up again, and he calmed down finally.

so, after our first few seconds of panic (both him and i), we got re-acquainted with each other. he re-explored the hand he used to know so well, and there were no more attempts to be superspidey. he was a good boy and just wandered around on my hand, albeit slightly jerkily. i managed to get three short clips of him, which i didn't expect to. all i wanted was at least one good photograph. i got a few. :)

i shall leave you all in suspense and post the pictures another day. ha!


i know i'm so terrible, but i just wanted to record this moment. i still want to post their pics in progression. i know! there has been such slow progress... one day, one day we will get there!

just so i seem a little less terrible, i'm working on a korean fantasy epic right now for work. it's pretty hardcore translating stuff that don't exist. will lose a bit of hair over the next two months i reckon!
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