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it's been a tough week, which ended this morning at 7am. yes, my work week ends wednesdays. :D

i'm trying to shift it by a day so i can make it to my yoga class more often. i guess it's my own fault for having a preferred instructor who only teaches on certain days. need to grab that yoga mat that i keep forgetting, so i can do it at home as well. am also seriously considering sleeping hours like those of kyle's - his are 9pm to 5am, which is pretty much impossible for me, but i'm thinking 11pm to 7am could be quite nice. even better if i can do 10pm to 6am, so i can have a quiet hour of yoga before the sun rises.

i've had twice my usual workload this week. desk-bound round the clock for three days straight. normal weekly workload should resume from now. speaking of which, i'm quite enjoying my current project. there are lots of awesome CG scenes, during which no one speaks! heh. of course, other than the fact that it's easier to work on, the production itself is really quite enjoyable to watch. i'm glad i was assigned this one. :)

on the sidelines, i've been drafting sample chapters for the munster book. not sure if it will happen, but i'll have a crack at it for sure! it would be awesome if munster can live on in the hearts of children all over the world. :)
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