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so. i tried to get lucien to meet tiga today.

i remember writing about how i didn't want to mate lucien, because i noticed that after they start having bubbas, my girls tend to just become egg-factories until they die. so i was delaying this, even though i could tell lucien has already reached adulthood.

then, one day, i suddenly noticed a very small cluster of eggs. non-viable eggs, obviously, because she has never been with any boy. she guarded them for a day, and then ate them.

i told uncle moo about it and he said she needed to mate. she laid those eggs because she was probably bursting full of eggses. :p

so. it was time for tiga to meet lucien.

yesterday i bought some worms for everyone. this was part of the reason as well - i wanted to stuff them prior to mating, so nobody becomes dinner instead. worms were a good choice, fat and juicy. everyone had one except for bib, who kept hiding in her bed.

today, i offered worms to tiga and lucien again. both of them rejected the offerings. this was my cue to introduce them.

unfortunately, lucien wasn't receptive. :( i have a rather funny video clip of tiga doing his little dance, lucien watching warily, backing off, and then running away!

oh well.

uncle moo says, try again tomorrow.

Tags: failed mating, lucien, tiga

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