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05 July 2008 @ 11:14 pm
random amusement  
i got a funny message through friendster the other day. it was from a girl i didn't know.

Subject: ur pet needs a haircut!!!

Emphasize in detail scissoring to bring out the best of your pet. We provide services such as mud spa, conditioning spa, herbal bath, chm treatment to cater to different skin conditions.Other services include de-ticking and dental plaque and tartar removal. We ensure a clean environment as we sanitize our equipments after each grooming session. Our lady groomers are also pet lovers, so no worries, your pet will have a stress-free grooming experience with us. BTW, our groomers also does cat grooming and small animal grooming as well. For appointments, pls contact our head groomer at XXXXXXX.

after i had a good chortle, i replied her.

hahahaha!!! my pets are spiders! i thought your message was a prank! :)

they ARE quite furry though. :)

she obviously wasn't as amused as i was. all i got in reply was:

sorry tot u own dog n cat.

oh well. at least i was amused. why are some people unable to laugh? why do some people take themselves so seriously?
feelin': amusedamused
JV: biborlydrag0nette on July 5th, 2008 06:36 pm (UTC)

i'm not sure but it would not be in the groomer's best interest to try to inspect her fangs! :D

hmmm... i wonder about the herbal bath. could be quite nice. unless they prefer a bloodbath. or in this case, an insect-juice bath! haha!