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a miracle! a miracle!

somehow, somehow, my little darling recovered overnight.

i'd put her jar by my bed because i was so worried last night. wanted to check on her whenever i happened to wake up. i woke up to the wonderful sight of her, standing on her jar wall, peering right back at me!

what a relief.

i still have absolutely no idea what happened. but i have a coupla theories.

first theory: she has a habit of webbing her jar up excessively. thus, she might have gotten used to walking on webbing. all the kids do it, but she does it the most and the fastest. they do this as a natural reflex, to pin web strings down everywhere they walk. however, because of the confined space, the stray webbing actually irritates them as well. haha. they would get annoyed and rub their legs like someone wiping dust off themselves. anyway, because i can see it annoys them, i would periodically clean off the web-wallpaper from everyone's jar. so perhaps, during the last week, lucien might have gotten more used to the webbing than usual. and when i wiped it off, she suddenly couldn't adjust to the smooth walls. then somehow, overnight, she readjusted.

second theory: she might have been a little spooked by the cricket i offered her. which is weird, because she hadn't eaten in about a week and usually hunts very fast when she is hungry. she refused to hunt or even go near the cricket. her last meal was a mealworm. maybe she'd forgotten how crickets look like? anyway, i wonder if she'd lost her footing because she panicked. at one point, i was holding her jar, and she was floundering around like a fish out of water. that was when my heart broke. she tried to jump onto a wall and fell right back. then she looked up at me helplessly. i felt so, so sad.

in the past, sonic had lost his grip a few months before his passing. he never recovered from it, although it didn't seem to have harmed him in any way. lab also reports that many residents live for many years after they lose their grip.

i was going to build lucien a horizontal home. i think i will do it anyway. she is fine now, but i noticed that she isn't as sure-footed as before. strangely, she seemed to be tripping over the webbed areas today instead.
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