JV (drag0nette) wrote,

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memory lane

it was a long, long walk. and it was good.

i went back into my archives of 2005. wow. it was amazing to get reacquainted with your older (younger?) self. suddenly, i am reminded of who i used to be, and who i truly am. i think i may have lost touch with a part of me in recent times, and i have rediscovered myself again.

i have missed being candid on my journal.

i am amazed at how my journal has evolved, from a mishmash of my life and nonsense to endless food missions to the invasion of my wonderful spideykids. as my beautiful lucien peers at me and wipes her face in that adorable manner that only she is capable of, i must say, my spideykids have had such an incredible impact on my life. so much so that it almost drowned out everything else. it was so easy to tune out to everything and not have to deal with it all. but it is time to stop running away. it is time to find my balance.

hello LJ. i'm back.
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