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les bouchons

it has been more than a year since i posted a food entry.

what better choice to break the silence with than one of my favourite places for steak and fries? :)

last thursday, i brought one of my galpals, kate, to les bouchons @ ann siang road (6423 0737). i know they have opened another one by the river, but for some strange reason i'm just drawn to the original outlet familiar to me. but then, that isn't so strange, i guess. i'm a sucker for familiarity.


everything was so comfortably familiar. i believe the salad serving size is a little bigger now than before, even though the bowls are the same, they seem to have become more generous in filling them up. still love the salad dressing, which has a hint of mustard and horseradish. love the little bread rolls, which remind me of the ones i used to buy in frozen packs from coles in melbourne. simply divine while piping hot from the oven with generous globs of butter. the extra-tender beef fillet was as good as ever. my medium rare was an awesome pink juiciness which melted away in my mouth, just like it used to. and as any patron of les bouchons would verify, their home-made fries are absolutely out of this world - just the right blend of savoury and sweet. what's even better is that they are served freeflow, if you can even finish the first giganormous serving, that is! i finished more of them than i ever did before. kate's plate was almost empty as well. it was truly satisfying.

we washed it all down with a glass of house red each. total damage was approximately $110.

this place is tiny, so please be sure to make reservations before heading down! :)

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